Welcome to the NetConnect trial page

This page will provide you with some elements to be used for trial NetConnect environments:

  • A temporary license to be used on your NetConnect server
  • A temporary URL to be used in your NetConnect server
  • A temporary certificate to load on your NetConnect server (linked to your temporary URL)

With this information, you will be able to quickly and easily test your new NetConnect environment.
You can download the latest software release by visiting our software download page.
Step by step setup and training videos are also available for your convenience.

Please complete the form below:

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Note: Your MAC Address can be identified by connecting to your NetConnect server as local administrator, then going to System Configuration -> Network -> General. The MAC Address is the one related to eth0, you can copy and paste this value into the field above.
If you only need a temporary license, you can leave the "Public IP Address" field blank.

All information will be sent directly to your email address. Please make sure you check your spam folder.

Please contact customersupport@northbridgesecure.com should you require any assistance at any stage.